Some eczema. What's good for moisturizing that area of my skin until it heals?

Moisturizer. I recommend dove soap and eucerin. In addition using a topical steroid like triamcinolone. Other good moisturizing products are aveeno (oatmeal) and cedaphil.
So many choices... Any topical moisturizing agent would be beneficial if the eczema is mild...Keri, neutrogena, aveeno, eucerin, aquaphor and cetaphil are but a few of the moisturizing agents available. But here's the trick...Frequent applications (especially after bathing), avoid hot water baths, pat the skin dry and immediately apply. Also, increase omega 3, zinc, selenium and vitamin E in diet. Good luck!
Moisturizers. Sounds like a silly answer, but everyone's favorite moisturizer may be different. Mine happens to be the freebie body lotion from marriott hotels, with keri lotion a close second.