Chest CT scan shows "nonspecific subcentimeter mediastinal and right hilar lymph nodes" should this be repeated?

Usually not. Typically no - these are usually normal findings. But it depends on the whole clinical picture - only your doctor can decide if follow up is needed.
Mediastinal Nodes. Yes definitely it should be repeated after you have had a full evaluation. ? Smoker.

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3mm preffisurral nodule found on chest ct scan. Report says most likely representing intrapulmonary lymph nodes. Could this be cancerous? How likely?

Very small. Lymph nodes that are 3 mm are very small. Usually a cancer of the lung will be seen on CT scan and have lymoh nodes of 1 cm and multiple. Why did you get ct scan? You will need to see and discuss with your ordering doctor. Do you have a life style at risk like smoking? And other factors. For any risks see and discuss with a thoracic surgeon. Read more...