Which shoe type is perfect for flat feet or bunions?

Shoe guide. Flat feet and bunions require wider shoes to accommodate the deformity. A rigid, stable shoe is best. No more than 2 inch heels because it puts too much pressure on bunions. More importantly, the shoes have to support the arch whether with built in inserts or store bought inserts. Sandals need to have built in arch supports as well.
None. There is no perfect shoe, except for the shoe that feels comfortable and allows for proper support and enough room to accomodate the bunion.
Wide toe box. Any shoe that has a wider base, called a toe box. Most shoemakers have been making wider versions of shoes to provide increased comfort.

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Which jordan shoe is perfect for flat feet or bunions?

Well fitted shoes. Well fitted shoes is needed not who makes the shoes.
Any or none. Jordans are quite nice to look at. I have an old school pair for indoors only. But if you have flat feet, may need to add arch supports to any shoe. If bunions, may need wider shoe, so that can limit selection. Many companies make good shoes. My personal fave is new balance but they don't have flashy style you may prefer.
None. Most basketballs shoes don't come with adequate support. Make sure the shoes are comfortable and you can fit an extra support to help improve foot function. Dr l.

I have flat feet, bunions and overpronate. What kind of shoe do you recommend? I wear orthotics,

Arch supports. All of your issues may be related at least in part to your flat feet. The key focus of treatment is arch supports. I like to try some simple, inexpensive over the counter arch supports and if they have a positive benefit then create more formal long term orthotics.
Does it hurt? Do your feet hurt? YOu can try taking out orthotics. You may not need them. You can work on ankle strength and foot strength instead. Where are you located, I can recommend a doc? Or you can find me on concierge. You want to see sports medicine. Check out amssm. Org.

I have been diagnosed with bunions and very flat feet, any correlation between these two? Should I continue exercising? Any long term effects?

Yes. Yes, bunions are often caused by a pronated foot which is the cause of a flat foot. The bunions develop over time because of muscle imbalance that results from the pronated foot. I would continue to exercise, but you should have an orthotic to control the pronation and slow down the progression of the bunion deformity.
Bunion care. Having flat feet often times may lead to the development of a bunion deformity. Custom moded orthoces may be of benefit to you. Exercidse is good for you, try wearing wider more comfortable shoes to make it an enjoyable activity.
Yes. Flat feet can cause foot instability that can lead to bunions and hammer toes and other foot and ankle conditions. I would advise a good custom orthotic prior to long term high impact exercise.
Yes to all. There is a definite correlation. I would highly recommend getting and wearing custom orthotics. You can exercise but have to wear proper sneaker. My suggestion (and I don't get paid by any company) is Asics gel GT2000.
So What. Not to put too fine a point on it, but, there are millions of people out there that have flat feet of varying degrees, and yet, do not have bunions. Some of the best athletes in the world have varying degrees of bunion deformity and yet their performance is not effected. Go figure.

Mature female -flat feet; bunions no diabetes has round growth top rt. 2nd hammertoe. RN says a callous. Cyst? Bothersome. Removable?

Yes, it is removable. You have options to get relief. The callus may be such that it can just be pared down, padded etc to give temporary relief. Permanent relief will probably require surgery but the procedure is relatively simple and worth doing especially if you are active.
TX OPTIONS. Treatment options for a corn/callus on a hammer toe include a podiatrist trimming it when it builds up, w/ or w/o some digital padding; silicone sleeves work nicely. If this doesn't work for you, surgery can be considered as long as you are fairly healthy.

I am 36 male with flat feet and bunions, sometimes when I walk I get a shooting pain, what can I do about it without surgury?

Medication. This kind of pain can be from many things. Antiinflammatory meds may help relieve swelling (if any). You may want to try custom inserts for your shoes to off load pressure area or restrict excess motion in your foot. Physical therapy may help as well. Good luck!
Pressure relief. I assume you are talking about a shooting pain in your big toe area. This can be caused by the way the shoe rubs over the nerve as the nerve travels over the bunion bump on its way to the end of your toe. Make sure wide shoe does not have seam in that area. Doughnut-type pad may be helpful. Arch support/foot orhtotic may decrease pressure from motion. Ice and topicals to alleviate.
Treatment. Normally shooting type pains are nerve related. Could try wider soes, steroid injection, padding or nsaids.

I have metatarsalgia, bunion, flat feet and unstable ankle. I'm looking for a brace/support for all of them (all in one) Is there such a thing?

Unfortunately not. Hallux valgus or "bunion" cannot be treated effectively with a brace, but with modified shoe wear. Unstable ankles can benefit from a lace up style brace provided you don't have any anatomic abnormalities predisposing to your instability.