Bile reflux-acid reflux, being treated for acid reflux 40mg Pepcid (famotidine) and 40mg pantaprozole each 2/aday. But symtoms of bile reflux. Wrong meds?

Bile or acid reflux? If you have acid reflux disease and are having symptoms despite high dose acid-reducers and acid-blockers, then either your reflux is more severe and other treatment options should be considered, or the reflux is not acid-related but possibly gall bladder/liver related.

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Bile reflux, taking Carafate and 2 aciphex (rabeprazole).Still have burning in gut. Bland diet & small meals are not helping. What can I take to relieve? Pepcid?

Bile reflux. Unfortunately bile reflux differs from acid reflux and is not usually helped by medications like prilosec, aciphex, (rabeprazole)nexium,pepcid,zantac,etc. Carafate May be helpful.Avoid greasy and fried foods. A gastroenterologist is best qualified to document the diagnosis and advise you. Read more...