Pcos taking metformin for 1 yr what are the chances of lactic acidosis n how long use of it is safe for me kindly explain?

Lactic acidosis. Lactic acidosis occurs in patients taking metformin (m) who have chronic kidney disease. You need to ask the physician (p) prescribing the m if it is safe for you to take. Your p knows you best and can give you the most meaningful answer to your question.

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I'm scared to take Metaformin. I have PCOS and I'm pre diabetes because of it. What are the chances of lactic acidosis. Would I know if I had it? Thanks

Metformin . Metformin is a commonly used and excellent drug for treatment of PCOS especially when associated with glucose intolerance/prediabetes. Lactic acid grosses is an uncommon side effect and when occurs is usually in elderly patients who may have kidney dysfunction. Read more...