What are the risks of stem cell treatments?

Stem cell treatments. Since stem cell treatments are relatively new, the only risks are that it will not be successful.

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What all have stem cells cured already? What are the risks of it?

To date most. Curative treatments involving stem cells have centered around the blood cancers ie leukemia, lymphoma and other such disorders. The potential risks cannot be broached in 400 characters. Read more...

Hi, I have sickle cell anemia I wanted to know What are the risks in having a stem cell transplant done?

Major undertaking. Stem cell transplants are as major an undertaking as anyone can ever do. The process involves wiping out all of your existing blood forming centers and natural immunity. You are given stem cells that you hope will replace the ones you wiped out and start building new blood free of the sickle cell gene. Risks include catastrophic infection,failure of the transplant. Consult a SS center for details. Read more...