17 week old is coughing and seems very tired... He is taking Bromfed (brompheniramine) dm but it is just making him tired but he still has the cough for over a month : (?

Stop bromafed. Cough and bold medications do not work in young children and can be making him drowsy. Instead use a cool mist vaporizer, saline nose spray and bulb suction. If worse or fever see doctor.
Mgt. At his age, some of the possible causes include post nasal drip. Keeping the nasal passages clear with nasal saline may help. In addition, infections such as pneumonia, can cause a prolonged cough. I would recommend discussing whether he should have a pertussis (whooping cough) test with your doctor. A virtual appointment is available: healthtap.com/dosanjhmd Code; NCYHPZ.

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My 17 week old is taking Bromfed (brompheniramine) dm for cough its still not working he is also taking a med for acid reflux has had this cough for over a month?

Many causes. If chest radiograph normal, cough-variant asthma most common cause of cough. 17 week old young but not impossible. Ge reflux, aberrant innominate artery, and subglottic stenosis. Other causes. If reflux occurring several hours after eating , medication for reflux will not work, slow gastric emptying. Sometimes endoscopy necessary to exclude vascular anomaly affecting airway. Read more...
Could be many things. Go back to your pediatrician and talk with them about this. This is most likely something simple, but let the doctor help you figure it out. Read more...