Hi. My son was diagnosed with a severe speech delay and a processing disorder and could possibly have a mild case of autism. Does this mean he is on t?

Autism Spectrum. Disorder(asd): yes, possibly. Impairment in 2 major domains: 1. Deficit in social communication ; interaction; 2. Restricted, repetitive pattern of behavior, interests ; activities. Management: individualized acc. To age ; specific needs. Multidisciplinary approach to improve social functioning, communication ; adaptive skills; promote academic functioning/cognition ; reduce negative behavior.
Maybe. But he should have further testing, and ongoing therapy for his speech. The more input and stimulation you give now to help him the more he can progress. Check into other parent support groups for help/assistance /referrals to other providers. There are scores of treatment that help, and also scores that don't. Find what works for him.