What is the best treatment for burns from melted and pretty much boiling hot butter being dumped on your wrist should I go to the dr.?

Maybe. Butter can get much hotter than boiling water and can cause a deep burn. If the area is larger than a quarter, it is probably a good idea to have it looked at. Silvadene (silver sulfadiazine) cream and a dressing changed each day until healed, watching for signs of infection, and scar management (deep burn) are all good things to be gained by a visit to a doctor with some burn experience. Good luck!
Yes. From this brief history it is impossible to determine the depth of the burn. It needs to be examined and followed closely.
Burn center. Boiling hot butter (that is oil) has a higher temperature than boiling water, so this could be a significant burn. Find out where your nearest burn center is and seek care from it to obtain the best result and return of function.
Burn Care. You should seek care at your nearest burn unit as soon as possible. Burns that involve a joint or extremity can result in significant functional and cosmetic impairment if not treated properly right away.
Yes. End of story. Yes. Yes. Yes . Scalding oil burns can be severe (worse than hot water) and injuries effecting the hands are more concerning than some other areas die to the possibility of impaired function. So please go!