Why do I get hiccups so often when I drink?

Hicupps. Hicupps, are caused by sudden contractions of the diaphragm, which results from irritation of the nerve that controls that muscle function.This nerve runs close to the esophagus(food pipe), you propably get the hiccups when you drink cold liquids, at a fast pace.Another cause can be seen in people who has gastric reflux, or hiatal hernia.

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Why do I get hiccups so often when I drink? Big red, coke, usually while drinking out of a straw.

Hard to say. some foods or drinks in certain forms give a person hiccups, it is an individual thing. Why one form of a food or drink causes hiccups in one person but not another, no one knows. I get hiccups every time I eat fluffy white rice with just butter & salt & pepper. In no other form does it happen. I think it is because there is more air in between the grains. With you, more bubbles/air in straw? Read more...