How easily can a CT scan detect ovarian cancer?

Detects mass. Imaging, either by ultrasound, ct or MRI detects a mass in the ovary and cts are good at that, but not the only modality. Current imaging techniques are good at suggesting ovarian cancer. Actual diagnosis of the nature of the mass requires examination of the tissue by a pathologist.
Ovarian ca. Ct is not very sensitive in early stages , pelvic ultrasound or trans vaginal us is far better.
Ovarian CA detection. Ultrasound examination (uss) has a higher sensitivity of detecting ovarian cancer (93%) compared to a ct scan (63%). Although a ct scan could miss it 37% of the time, it is more likely to be correct (87%) to tell that a mass is ovarian cancer compared to ultrasound (42%). A tumor marker test in the blood (ca125) may also help in the diagnosis if the uss or ct is abnormal.