How do you get rid of birthmarks aside from surgery?

Birthmarks. Various lasers are being used to eliminate birthmarks, port-wine-defects, acne scars, tattoos. Have your pcp recommend a trusted dermatologist who might perform this work for you.
It depends. Depending on the birthmark, there may be many ways to get rid of them. Some of the possibilities include laser, intense pulsed light, sclerotherapy, and radiofrequency thermocoagulation, to name a few.

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I was born with a massive dark birthmark on my neck. Laser removal didn't remove it. Can I do plastic surgery to get rid of it?

Yes, possible. It depends on the size. But yes, generally, plastic surgery can remove it. Either the skin in the neck is expanded to allow for proper closure after removal of the skin, or skin grafting is done. Read more...
Pick your defect. Laser removal is often the best approach to some of these marks that allows a normal appearance to the overlying skin.Repeated treatments may be necessary to get the best outcome. Depending on the size of the defect, surgery could also remove the area, but would always leave a scar in the area. Arrange a consultation & consider your options. Read more...