I have sore/swollen throat and slight fever, what to do?

Sore throat. If you have a significantly sore throat w swollen tonsils / lymph nodes – see your medical provider ; get a strep throat test ; culture. Saltwater gargles are helpful. Mix a tsp of salt in 8 oz of warm water – gargle w this several times/day. You can gargle w aloe vera juice a couple of times per day. A mix of chamomile tea w honey ; a small amount of lemon juice is good.

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Took amoxicillin 3 times now in 6 months 10 day 500mg for sore throat and fever tonsils swollen throat swab neg though what is going on no cough?

Virus? Allergy? Probably these were not bacterial infections but viral, or perhaps an allergy problem. Except for strep, which apparently was negative by swab, few bacterial infections do this. No antibiotic, including amoxicillin, has any effect on viral infections or allergies. Keep working with your doctor, or perhaps see otolaryngologist (ENT) or allergy specialist. Read more...