Can bacterial infection cause gastrointestinal fistula?

Yes. For instance an infection in the wall of the colon triggered by diverticulitis can eat through the colon lining and cause a channel to form between the colon and a nearby structure like the bladder. This channel is called a fistula. In this example one symptom might be passing gas out your bladder (pneumoturia).
Yes. Bacteria can cause a fistula. Bacteria are felt to play a role in crohn's disease, which can result in fistula. Also, complications of infections such as diverticulitis can result in abscess and fistula formation.

Related Questions

Can viral infection cause gastrointestinal fistula?

Very rare, not impos. This is very rare, but not impossible. Any source of trauma or chronic inflammation can cause a gastrointestinal fistula.
No. Viral infection cannot cause gastrointestinal fistula, or an abnormal connection between the intestine and another structure (e.g. The skin). This is caused by surgery, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, radiation, or a variety of other causes, but not from a virus.

Can parasitic infection cause gastrointestinal fistula?

Yes, very rarely. A fistula is an abnormal communication between two areas of the body. Any inflammatory or traumatic event can cause a fistula. Though very rare, in theory a parasitic infection could cause this.
Parasites. Yes, there are some parasites which can do this, including ascaris and several others.

Can skin infections cause problems with gastrointestinal fistula?

Not really. These two things are not really related. It would have to be something exceptionally rare.
Yes. If the skin infection is near or around the fistula site (an external open site connected to the bowel).

I currently have a bacterial infection been very itchy scratched so hard caused skin to brake and cause sores that burn how do I heal them?

Several things. This is a problem that necessitates a face-to-face meeting with your doctor. This will allow him/her to examine you, ask specific questions. And possibly order tests to find out what's wrong and what to do to help you.

If I had a bacterial infection could it cause pimples? On various parts of the body?

No. Systemic bacterial infections are uncommon to begin with, and i'd be suspicious if a phyiscian (especially an independent thinker) told me I had one. If you have several boils, a physician's office visit is in order, and since you are concerned and know your own body, even if your phyiscian finds it is common acne, it's worth the visit.

I have a bacterial infection, what factors could cause the infection to become septic?

Very rare. If you mean a bacterial infection in the vagina, it would be highly unlikely for this to proceed to sepsis, which is a serious infection of the bloodstream.
Several factors. Bacterial infections can enter the blood stream and cause bacteremia. When severe enough, the bacteria make the person very sick in a syndrome that is cause sepsis. Factors that influence this include the type of bacteria, the source of infection, the overall health of the host, and the presence of things that might weaken the immune system.
Infection in blood. Once the infection enters the blood stream you are technically bactaremic and have a strong potentila for sepsis.

What causes lung bacterial infection I am a non smoker?

Nobody knows. We will get a nobel prize if we find out. Check with your doc also.
Bacteria! By definition, bacteria cause bacterial lung infection. Bacteria respond to antibiotics while viruses do not. Viruses are more common than bacteria & cause typical cold which won't respond to antibiotics. Average cough illness lasts 18 days so be patient. Best way to avoid upper respiratory infections (uris) is to wash hands & avoid being sneezed/coughed upon. And don't smoke (which you aren't).
Bacterial contam. Bacteria spred via blood, but would nit target the les only. Bacterial contamination of a break in the skin from scratching, scraped shin or other opening in the skin. Wash ur hands & keep wound clean. Showers & plain ol soap r great. U can add a little antibiotc oint 2 it, minimal.