Can lactose intolerance cause eczema rashes?

No. Lactose intolerance is strictly a digestive problem. Lactose allergies involve a different body chemistry and may trigger allergic skin rashes or eczema.
Perhaps. Foods that have been found to cause eczema in some individuals include wheat, eggs, cow's milk (protein), peanuts, shellfish, food additives, and naturally occurring food chemicals. An allergist would be able to test for various food and environmental allergies that may be contributing to your dermatitis.
No. Lactose intolerance makes it hard for your body to digest milk and diary products. It doesn't directly cause eczema. However lactose intolerance and eczema occur together in the same person since indirectly both have immune component which makes body react to foreign substances .
Not likely. Lactose intolerance and eczema are not known to be connected, but a true milk allergy could cause a skin rash. Avoiding dairy products for a couple weeks could help determine if dairy products are causing skin symptoms.

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I have rash on my arms, chest, waist, groin & underarms. Doc says its eczema. Allergy report says I am NOT lactose intolerant. Can milk trigger eczema?

Eczema. Can be allergic or non-allergic, yes milk can trigger eczema in susceptible individuals, usually infants and children, and the allergy is to the milk protein rather, not to the milk sugar (the lactose). You need to be re-evaluated by the doctor who saw you, or have a second opinion, it's your right, see a dermatologist, goodluck . Read more...