My eyelids have yellow crust every morning lately. How do I get rid of the infection?

Antibiotics. Yellow crusting of the eyelids can be caused by allergies or infection. Using warm washcloths to rinse the eyelids can soothe the eyes and remove the crust but you need to see a doctor if you have symptoms for more than a day or two.
Depends. Sometimes this is due to allergies - especially if it is in both eyes and improves as the day goes on. To be sure, see your doctor and you can decide together the best treatment options.

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Lids has yellow crust every morning. How do I get rid of eye infection? Have some old steroid medicine

Conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis can be bacterial, viral or allergy in origin. Crusty eyelids can be bacterial and treated with antibacterial opthalmic drops or cream.Itching with congestion are allergic, so you can use your steriod opthalmic rx.Consult your dr for treatment. Read more...
Crusting of lash/lid. Chronic eyelid crusting usually caused by a type of deep seated infection of the lids oil glands or lash follicles. Warm compresses for ten minutes folowed by scrubbing the lashes and lid margin can help rid some forms of ofending agents and lessen the use of topically applied antibiotics. Steroids without antibiotics might do more harm than good. See eye doctor if you are uncertain. Read more...