Should I get lowerlid surgery? Uppers were done 6 yr ago.

If you want to. Obviously, there is a little more to it! will it improve your appearance enough to be worth the cost, risk and down-time of surgery? Many patients with large "bags" under their eyes or extensive wrinkles on their lower lids have been helped by this fairly straightforward procedure. Talk to a plastic or oculoplastic surgeon with these concepts in mind and be sure to ask about the risks.
Really not related.. The reasons to operate on lower eyelids are different from those for the upper lids: upper lids are generally operated on for too much skin. The classic lower lid operation removes fat and little or no skin. Now, though, we are much less likely to remove fat, as facial aging is associated with fat loss. More often we redistribute fat to fill the hollow area under the lower lid (the tear trough.).
Depends. Lower lid surgery is advised when skin laxity is large, muscle "bulging" becomes prominent with smile, or large "bags" due to weakness of a fibrous septum (fat pads). Functional problems, like ectropion or entropion often require surgery to restore lid function and tear film drainage. Careful placement of incisions usually result in thin, acceptable scarring which is easily hidden.
Personal decision. Upper lid surgery can be done for functional or cosmetic reasons. Lower lid bleparoplasty is almost always cosmetic only. Bleparoplasty of the lower lids can help with wrinkles and bags under the eyes. Depending on your appearance there may be other treatment options like peels, lasers, fillers or botox. Seek consultation w a local facial plastic surgeon.
Lower lid+cheek? When considering the eyelid you must evaluate the cheek as well and may benefit for a mid face lift, soof suspension, implant, fat grafting or more. Therefore this is not an easy decision and you need to re-assess your dissatisfaction with your current appearance. Whereas the upper eyelid is an easier procedure, the lower is more complex & you should consult for a full understanding of the options.