I am 7 months pregnant in be in so much pain what should I do I don't even be feeling like doing anything.?

See your doctor. Difficult to provide an answer to this question as I am not certain where your pain is located. Comomon causes of pain in pregnancy include low back and pelvic discomfort. If these areas are problematic i recommend body pillows for sleeping on your side to support your pelvis as well as abdominal support bands which can be fitted by trained physical therapist. Also try not to gain excess weight.
Pain; pregnant. You haven't said where the pain is or whether it's related to the pregnancy. Call your OB doc to examine you & try to give you relief. If there's any vaginal bleeding involved, call at once or go to er.
Pain in pregnancy. You may have a condition that has flared up as a result of the extra weight and postural changes that pregnancy brings. This should be evaluated soon since some preterm labor may mimic muscular pain and vice versa. Contact your doctor.