Will bariatric surgey (gastric bypass) help with diabetes? Thanks!

Yes. Bariatric surgery will often resolve many medical issues along with successful weight loss. Some of the most significant health conditions that can be improved or resolved with bariatric surgery include, type 2 diabetes ( previously described as adult onset or non Insulin dependent ) , sleep apnea , high blood presssure , gastroesophageal reflux disease, and osteoarthritis.
Yes definitely. Gastric bypass (like the Roux en Y or the duodenal switch) always improves diabetes, and in many cases can cure it, even before significant weight loss is seen. The sleeve gastrectomy also has great results in improving diabetes. This is actually one of the most common motivating factors for people to seek weight loss surgery. See a skilled bariatric surgeon for more info. Good luck!
Yes. Gastric bypass has actually been claimed to be curative of diabetes, even fixing it before substantial weight is even lost.
Bypass good 4 DIabet. Gastric bypass is great for diabetes. The recent news stories are true. Most patients leave the hospital off their meds. 90% are off meds at one year. 65% remain off all meds at 5 yrs. Without the surgery, 0% are off meds.