My muscle are all sore and I have headaches and stomach aches but not really nauseous what could be causing this?

Multiple issues. Those symptoms may all be related and it could be due to a current prescription medication or an underlying medical condition. Those complaints require a thorough physical exam and some blood work. If you are taking any medications they will need to be reviewed.
Need Evaluation. Multiple symptom presentations like yours could be due to a number of systemic diseases. You need a comprehensive evaluation to include blood work, physical examination and a careful comprehesive history including medications and supplements taken.

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My boyfriend, M, 40, has nausea, stomach ache, muscle cramps, malaise x 2 days now. Says folks at work have same symptoms & sent home. What is this?

Gastroenteritis. Sounds like gastroenteritis, which could be viral or food borne. If your symptoms persist beyond seven days, see a doctor. Drink plenty of fluids while sick, preferably an electrolyte drink or juice. Did he and his coworkers all eat something together? Read more...