Is there a relationship between vision problems (visual field loss, macular hole) and long term use of antimalarials (23 yr)? Chloroquine, oroguanil..

Yes, yes, yes. Short term use for malarial prophylaxis rarely has serious side effects, usually minor GI side effects. Long term definitely has potentially very serious side effects, involving many sensory organs. First is visual, and can be multiple things including retinal damage, sight damage, corneal defects. A certified ophthalmologist must check fully the eyes before, and during long term use.
Yes but different. Long term use of antimalarials especially at higher doses of over 800 per day, can lead to an accumulative maculopathy which lowers the central vision. It does not cause field loss peripherally or macular holes. If you are having problems start with your rheumatologist who will no doubt send you to your ophthalmologist for immediate diagnosis.
Not really. Chronic antimalarial use (like Chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine) can cause macular disease (bulls eye maculopathy) and permanent central vision loss.