My dad has a basel cell carcinoma on his ear and they were going operate to remove this. I heard there is a new pill to treat this. Does it work?

Cut it out! Basal cell carcinoma presents as a small, raised lesion that ulcerates in the center ("rodent-bite") and a rolled border. Total removal of the lesion has a cure rate of over 95%. Creams can also help but with lower cure rates. The safe bet is to cut it out and be done with it.
No pills help. Not sure what you heard about. Basal cell cancers are the most common skin cancer in the head and neck and are easily cured by surgical excision. Cure rates are generally well over 90% and these cancers are almost never life threatening if treated appropriately in a timely manner. See a facial plastic surgeon, ENT or dermatologist for treatment.
Surgical resection. Basal cell carcinoma is locally aggresive cancer. The best treatment would be surgically resect the cancer as much as possible. Yes, there is a new oral pill for basal cell carcinoma- which is named Erivedge (vismodegib) -however this is indicated only for metastatic basal cell cancer where surgery is no longer able to be done. So, if you are trying to cure it, surgery is the answer.
Limited experience. There is a promising new oral treatment for basal cell carcinoma but it is very new and expensive and there is limited experience with it so far. It has mostly been used with very advanced cancers. Most basal cell cancers should still be treated with simple surgical excision or mohs surgery which offers very effective treatment and high cure rates.