What is a normal ejection fraction for gallbladder?

HIDA scan EF>35% Most radiologists state a normal gallbladder ejection fraction (ef) on a hida scan as 35% or above. A low ejection fraction can be due to gallbladder dyskinesia, chronic cholecystitis (infection), and rarely cancer. A good answer for 'hida scan results' =http://www.Mayoclinic.Com/health/hida-scan/my00320/dsection & from the an original journal article =radiology.Rsna.Org/content/226/2/593.1.Full.
Gallbladder function. Normal ejection fraction is 35-75%. Probably as important is whether the injection of cck recreated the symptoms that you are having. If it does, then gallbladder is the likely cause. If not, look elsewhere.
35% Different surgeons use different cut offs but the number i see most frequently is 35%. That is, your gb must eject at least 35% of its volume of bile to be deemed normal. Less than 35% may mean there is an obstructive process (stone? Sludge? Spasm? Inflamation?) that is preventing this ..And thus causing pain. It is usually employed when the us did not reveal a cause of pain like a stone.

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Gallbladder ultra sound was normal w/NO stones... HIDA scan showed ejection fraction at 10%. I have frequent attacks, what are my chances of Gangrene?

Not common . Unless you have severe pain and fever, gangrene is unlikely. Avoid fatty and greasy foods. Gallbladder contracts when stimulated by fatty foods and this is when pain occurs (after fatty or greasy meals). ejection fraction is normally over 30 %. Read more...