What can I do for lightheadedness no balance and chest pains EKG thryroid and blood pressure are fine passed out once and couldnt see after?

Syncope. Check and discuss all your medicines and the lab tests (rule out anemia, diabetes) with your doctor. You might need a holter monitor to uncover arrhythmias. Consider ro rule out pulmonary emboli, also check the vertebrobasilar and carotid arteries with doppler or mra. Get well hydrated. You need close follow up with your doctor. Many times we do not find the reason of the pre-syncope or syncope.
See a neurologist. We need more details to give you any solid advice, but dizziness/lightheadedness and poor balance with a negative general work up would warrant a neurology consultation. Particularly with actual loss of consciousness. If poor balance were not one of your symptoms, I might suggest a tilt table test, but the balance issue makes that less likely to be useful. Good luck!

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