I seem to be tired all the time and my joints ache. I am a healthy 71 year old male. Is this something that should concern me?

Joint pain. Some joints ache more as we get older due to lack of cartilage or just the aging process but if it is all your joints that ache and you have early morning stiffness lasting more than 15 minutes you could be developing a more serious type of arthritis that would involve evaulation by a specialist called a rheumatologist . If you are exercising i would suggest poll therapy for a while .
Tiredness. Tiredness, fatigue are extremely common symptom ( 30% of the popultion in us)most people are just " out of shape " or deconditionned . At age 71 it's common to have degenerative changes ( osteoarthritis) causing pain in the joints. You also could check your testosterone levels and have a yearly physical to screen for other conditions associated to tiredness and joint pains.