Vertigo since 7/11. Had all kind of therapy and MRI (normal). Still a bit light headed when I lay down & turn to the right. I am on trilipix & cpap.?

Positional vertigo. Sounds like you have positional vertigo. Usually occurs with specific change in position. The spinning stops when you complete the position change or you return to your starting position. Dix- hallpike testing can verify which position sets you off. Balance testing will rule out inner ear, brain or eye related causes of vertigo. See an ENT for complete evaluation and testing. Neurologist may help.
Sorry. Have you had someone do an epley treatment for you? Any ENT doctor should be able to perform it. Sometimes, even after so long, it will work. If you have had it done, try to repeatedly lie back, head down and to the right, wait for the dizziness to go away, sit up, again wait for the dizziness to go away, and keep repeating.