I take Excedrin for my headaches everyday.6 a day for awhile now. I'm worried my liver could be swollen. I have upset stomach right shoulder pain alittl?

Let's See? Always read the label and know what hand how much you are taking. Acetaminophen/tylenol in adults is up to 2 grams a day (2, 000 milligrams). Less to none if there is liver disease or other problems and elderly. Less to none if significant alcohol intake or ingestion of other liver toxic meds/drugs. You should discuss with your pcp/gi doctor. Excedrin has Aspirin too? Stop and check!
Headaces Worse Now? You may also be fostering the development of rebound headaches by your continual excedrin dosing in addition to GI problems. Rebound headaches are probably one of the hardest types of headaches to get under control. You should discuss this issue with your doctor.