Can children get diverticulitis and diverticulitis?

Yes. In fact many children are born with a large diverticulum called merckle's diverticulum that can get infected and gives symptoms like appendicitis in the other side of the abdomen around age 2 years old before or after.
Rare. This is usually an old person disease.Kids have a stretchier colon and are more prone to colon distension than formation of individual or multiple diverticula. Their inflammatory processes are most likely to involve the common surface and be transient.
Yes. Most diverticular disease is acquired, happens at older ages, and commonly left-sided. Congenital diverticuli are more commonly right sided, and may be quite difficult to diagnose in younger children, often only found when operated on for 'appendicitis' or incidentally diagnosed by ct scan done for obscure abd pain in infants.