I have bad chest pain, shortness of breath and now my arm gets numb when this happens. My doctor said im fine though?

Not fine enough. I don't think you are fine enough -- so find another doctor or get a second opinion and get yourself evaluated again!
See below. How old are you what meds are you on what does your ekg show and chest x ray. You should have a stress test if you are having exertional chest pain (with exercise) what is your blood pressure if elevated is a definite risk factor.

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What are possible causes of arm, chest pain numbness in hand as well as shortness of breath?

Heart attack. If all the symptoms are on the left and sometimes even on the right, the heart attack would be the first to check for and rule out, also pulmonary emboli, musculoskeletal causes like costochondritis, but in any case if you have those symptoms you need to go to er asap as it can be life threatening.
Variable. Symptoms: chest and neck and left arm pain can all occur elephant sitting on your chest shortness of breath fatigue anxiety fear some are asymptomatic signs: cold clammy low pulse rate, or fast irregular sudden death, .

I'm having chest pain, shortness of breath the pulmonary doctor says everything is fine so does my heart doctor what's going on I'm lost?

Anxiety? You may well be hyperventilating from anxiety (dizziness and shortness of breath). You certainly don't have COPD is your chest doctor couldn't find anything wrong.