What are good treatments for class II malocclusion?

Class II malocclusion. Depending on the age and skeletal Class II diagnosis, an orthodontic treatment, surgical treatment or both will be carried out. See your orthodontist for proper diagnosis, imaging and treatment.
Many. Depends on what's wrong. Is problem dental, skeletal, or combination of both? Is rx for growing child or non-growing adult? In addition to sagittal (class ii) problem are there vertical or transverse problems? More important than the choice of gadgets is the choice of practitioner. Seek an orthodontic specialist, have examination, and then discuss treatment options.
Depends... On your age, the magnitude of the class ii, and what other problems you might have. A quick evaluation by an orthodontist will get you a better answer.
There are many. There are invisible( tongue side braces), ceramic or steel braces , invisalign type treatment as well as removable appliances. The goal is to end treatment with front teeth in " incisal guidance and back teeth interdigitating properly. (fitting together) .Sometimes tooth extractions are necessary.