I'm pre-diabetic. Now what diet and exercise?

Live better. If you are a prediabetic, you are at high risk for developing diabetes, heart disease and strokes. Start by eating a low glycemic diet, lose the weight, exercise 150minutes/week, stop smoking, decrease your alcohol and drink more water. Studies have shown patients who improve their lifestyle are less likely to develope diabetes that patients who choose to take the pill option. No quick fix!
Other way around. Start by focusing on exercise. This has been shown to decrease rates of progression to diabetes more than either medicine or diet alone. Shoot for aerobic/cardiovascular exercise. Your goal is 150 minutes a week. Start slow but keep increasing. Then focus on diet changes.
10k steps/veggies. Work your way towards 10k steps a day as a goal. Shoot for 8 fruits and vegetables and 8 glasses of water a day. These are the three key behaviors that will eliminate your prediabetic state as shown in decades of research. Another research proven tactic is to TRACK these behaviors. Only by TRACKING can you QUANTIFY and IMPROVE. Health gaming platforms can help! Www. Personalmedicineplus. Com.