I think I might have broken my ankle or foot? Where can I go for cheapest xray?

Ask around. You should see if your local podiatrist has any deals for cash pay patients.
Xrays. Most of the time, xray costs are about the same wherever you go.
Shop. Urgent care centers are much less expensive than a hospital er. I would also make some calls to local podiatrists to see if they can x-ray in their office and what type of deal you can negotiate because you will also probably need to be treated.
An office. Usually a visit to a podiatry office will have less of a waiting time than going to an emergency room at a hospital or urgent care center.
Urgent Care. Look for an urgent care center near you. Urgent cares are walk-in clinics with emergency services like x-rays, stitches, and treatment for sudden illnesses and injuries. They are much less expensive than the emergency room, and usually a lot faster, too. Urgent care clinics usually have all of their testing and supplies right there, so they can take care of most acute problems easily.