Whats a good mouthwash that cleans your teeth, protects them and whitens them too?

All three, none. However a mouthwash that contains Fluoride can help protect your teeth from tooth decay. This is especially important for people who have braces, as braces make it more difficult to adequately clean your teeth.
None. Mouthwashes are not designed to clean or protect teeth. Some claim to whiten but it is questionable. Mouthwashes mainly can can help keep your gums healthy and your mouth feeling fresh.
Crest/Listerine. You can't really do those 3 things effectively at once. Whitening mouth wash has peroxide and is irritating to your mouth - you should avoid it. Whiten with toothpaste/cleanings/bleaching. If you brush regularly, your toothpaste has enough Fluoride to protect your teeth. As for mouth wash, listerine and crest are great.