Docs can you explain, is the arm and hammer toothpaste the same as using reg toothpaste and baking soda?

Marketing hype . Dr. Paul keyes developed the "keyes method" for oral hygiene in early '70s. He used baking soda (to neutralize plaque acids) and hydrogen peroxide (to kill anaerobic germs) to improve health. Nearly every toothpaste company has jumped on the bandwagon since. Problem is it doesn't work. Decay is a frequency/duration/quantity issue and there's not enough h2o2 to work. Any paste will do. Floss, too!
No. Not the same balance as in the professionally prepared product. You're not saving any money and you might actually be doing harm...see the other answers to this question.
No! Of you mix baking soda with regular toothpaste, it may end up too dry and too abrasive.. Use baking soda(if you wish) as a mouth rinse. Hope this helps !