Can you tell me docs, is brushing your teeth with baking soda and neem just as good as fluoride toothpaste?

No. Baking soda will cause wearing down your enamel and after a while, your tooth will look translucent and greyish, not white. The thicker the enamel, the whiter the teeth.
No. Use something that is approved for daily dental care. I very rarely use baking for anything else..Aside from baking!

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How can you get the benefits of Fluoride in toothpaste when brushing your teeth if you are rinsing mouth off with water immediately after brushing.

You get some. The fluoride ions will attach themselves to the tooth during 2 minutes of brushing and are not easily rinsed away, so you do derive a benefit. If you do not rinse you may get more but be assured even with a rinse the fluoride is helpful. Read more...
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