I am going to be getting a root canal within very soon, and I'm kinda scared. What should I expect?

Bored. It is normal to be scared of something you know nothing about and there are so many jokes about root canals. What you should expect is to be bored. You will be numb, you will feel tugging and pushing. It will take some time with your mouth open. If you feel any discomfort let the dentist know and they will take care of it.
Routine Dentistry. Fear is usually due to the unknown. Root canal procedures are simple and painless. A local anesthetic is more than adequate, as it is for fillings and most extractions. Expect it to be easy and to wonder why you were every scared in the first place. Ask your dentist or endodontist for further info.
Get sedated. The root canal is a serious dental procedure. Sedation dentistry is used to provide a safe, comfortable relaxing and anxiety-free experience for certain people receiving any dental treatment. Depending on your degree of fear or anxiety, different levels of sedation may be required include general anesthesia. Take care and have a comfortable experience.