I am having what feels like heart palpitations, like flopping?

Sure. Palpitations are a sensation of skipped heart beats -- sometimes there is an electrical problem or arrhythmia, and other times it is something else causing this sensation. Seeing your doctor will help.

Related Questions

I am having what feels like heart palpitations? Is it an emergency situation?

Unsure. It may be if your blood pressure changes or any problems with your walking or standing. To be save you should be checked.

I am having what feels like fluttering. Heart palpitations?

Yes. Everyone feels their heart "skip, pound, flutter, quiver, " or even race sometimes. It doesn't necessarily indicate a problem, but if it becomes frequent, bothersome, or occurs with dizziness, passing out, chest pain, or trouble breathing, it's time to get it checked out.
Get checked. You should be evaluated with a history and physical exam. In addition an ekg and perhaps a 24hour recording (holter monitor) would be useful to characterize the cause and help to decide if any treatment is necessary. It may be helpful to avoid excess caffeine and alcohol.

How can heart palpitations feel like?

Rapid heart beat. Rapid heat beating, some times felt in the neck also. There is a throbing artery on you wrist on the thump side. Feel that artery and count the beats for one minute. More than 100 beats per minute is called palpitation.

I have benign heart palpitations. Usually feels like a skipped beat, but sometimes it feels like a quick painful 'hammer' sensation. Is this normal?

Palpitations. Absent structural or function Heart disease chronic palpitations are generally benign with respect to mortality; a change in symptom pattern needs reassessment.