Is CMV colitis dangerous for an unborn child?

Yes. Pregnant women should stay away from people known to have active CMV infections.
Probably. I am not sure, however, if you mean CMV colitis in unborn child or CMV colitis in mother of such child. One way or the other CMV infection has been known to be one of the causes of intrauterine fetal disease. It can pass from mother to fetus, so if the fetus has colitis, that means he is infected and may have other organ damage. If mother has it, she can pass it to her baby.

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How readily is CMV colitis transferred from person to person?

Depends. Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is itself highly contagious. However, it rarely causes a problem in a person with an intact immune system. Serious infections occur in fetuses (devastating!) whose moms get CMV while pregnant and in immunocompromised patients (with aids or organ transplant recipients). It is this last group that is most likely to get CMV colitis. Read more...
Not easily. The disease is not common but develops in people with weakened immune systems ; standard preventative methods such as avoiding exposure to body fluids and secretions, good washing, etc. Will minimize risks everyonefor. Read more...