What is the best way to fix anxiety and panic attacks? I have had them for 8 months now. Was fine before. Worse before my period.

Therapy and medicine. You should consider seeing a therapist or psychiatrist to address your symptoms. You may benefit from a psychological evaluation. There may be a role for medicines to help. There is help and there is a way to get better!
Meds + therapy. You should see a dr. For an evaluation. Ssri meds such as zoloft, Paxil (paroxetine) ; Celexa starting at low doses on a daily basis along w/ a temporary supply of bzd meds such as Ativan or xanax for acute attacks may help. Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help. Try meditation, yoga, tai chi ; other relaxation techniques in between panic attacks to help your system learn to relax.
CBT treatment. There is very good research data for cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety and panic attacks. With brief treatment (usually 10-12 sessions) people have had lasting benefits. This information might be helpful. http://www.abct.org/docs/members/factsheets/panic%200707.pdf.