If I oral sex a guy and he has cylimida what's the chances of me getting it? And do I need to go get treated

I always Treat. Yes. Most public health clinics and i will always treat in this scenario. Tests can easily be falsely negative when it comes to throat infections. Most of us would treat for both gonorrhea and chlamydia.
See below. Can't really saw what your percent chances of getting it are but you are most definitely at risk of contracting the disease. It's generally not a good idea to purposely expose yourself to an infection. But if you found out after the fact, then you should get tested for it and watch for any symptoms like mouth or throat pain, difficulty swallowing, rash, fever, etc.
Get Tested ! Chlamydia can cause pharngeal/ throat infection when spread via oral sex. This is not a common method of transmission. If he had chlamydia you need to get tested !