Which medications helped you with congestive heart failure?

Several. "water pills" (diuretics) help eliminate extra fluid through the kidneys. Digoxin has been used for many decades to "help the squeeze" of the heart (although its usefulness is in question nowadays). So called-after-load reducers help relax the tension on the walls of vessels and make it easier to help the heart empty. Finally beta-blockers can be helpful as well. Consult your doctor.
Many options. Much depends on the underlying cause of heart failure. Diuretics are the mainstay, but ace inhibitors or arbs, plus beta-blockers are core drugs. Aldosterone antagonists like spironolactone in severe heart failure are very beneficial. In select cases, digitalis preparations and antiarrhythmic agents may be helpful. It's too soon to know if stem-cell therapy will be useful, but we are hopeful.