When does weight loss start to become noticeable on a 500 calorie/day diet?

Danger! cals too low. A 500 calorie/day diet can be very dangerous and should only be done under close supervision with a doctor, nutritionist and weight-loss team. Risks include: (1) not losing weight, because your body goes into "starvation mode" and slows metabolism, (2) severe malnutrition if you're not getting the right combination of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, (3) severe worsening of other medical problems.
500 cal diet. First, i'm not in aggreement with a 500 calorie a day diet.But, to answer your questionif you are about medium height and about 200lbs, your friends will start to notice and congratulate you on your weight loss after about 20-25 lbs if you are shorter then the weight loss is usually about 15-20 lbsthe external motivation from others and you noticing your weight loss is a great reward.To cont.