Went to ER today for left sided chest burning sensation since yesterday. Normal ekg/trop/labs. Exercise exasperates issue. Gerd? Normal nst jan 2013

Primary Care. This is the ideal situation to remind you that all of the readers here need to have a primary care doctor to interpret the care you are getting and to come up with a plan to further investigate troubles that persist. Now that you have been to the er, it is time to go and sit with your family doctor to make a plan.

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26, overweight with left-side chest & burning pain & breast sore for 4 months. Palpalations almost everyday/all day. EKG, stress test, blood (troponin I <0.02) and ultrasound normal. How likely am I to have MVP or Mitral Stenosis? I have bad Gerd.

Stomach or heart. Valvular heart disease, although possible, is less likely unless other symptoms appear. Seems most cardiac tests have been done to rule in heart problems. To evaluate for valve problems, one would check an echocardiogram (ultrasound of your heart). Are you compliant with your GERD medications? If so, speak with your gastroenterologist for alternative therapy or even titration of your current meds. Read more...