What to do about intense fear of the dentist? Can you be prescribed anti-anxiety meds for dental work?

Help's available. There are lots of ways to reduce your anxiety, including coping mechanisms and anti-anxiety medications. Best suggestion, however, is to schedule an appointment with the Dentist to discuss your situation, your fears, and all the marvelous modalities available to keep you comfortable.
Anxiety. If you have so much fear you may also want to consult with a Clinical Psychologist to learn coping methods so you will feel stronger and not so vulnerable.
Yes. I personally try to meet with anxious patients before i preform work on them. Identifying the root of dental anxiety for each patient is important and different for everyone. Patients can be helped many ways. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and perscription meds like valium and xanex are classic tools to use to help anxiety. Discuss options with your dentist first.
Commonly done. It is quite common and the anticipatory dread does respond to various treatments....
Sedation dentistry. This is why some dentists became ( after training) "sedation dentists" They are able to conduct a general ( usually with pills) sedation combined with local usual anesthesia. Patient is calm, and sleeping during the procedure. Look for sedation dentistry in your area ( make sure he is certified-and knows to manage eventual complications.
Yes. Yes, the dentist can prescribe a mild anxiolytic medication to ease your nerves during dental treatment. I often give my nervous patients a mild anxiolytic to take the night before and an hour before the procedure. Then schedule the appointment early so they aren't worried about it all day.