What is the difference between a q-wave and non-qwave heart attack?

Wall Thickness. Q wave= full thickness myocardial necrosis non q wave= partial thickness or subendocardial necrosis subendocardial infarcts more common. Full thickness can result in myocardial rupture or an acute ventricular septal defect. Rupture- tamponade-death sequence. 50% of people still die on their first heart attack mostly because of not calling 911 or reaching er within minutes of the infarct.
Similar. Prognostically, q and non-q wave heart attacks are similar, the difference being whether a q wave is present, signifying a full muscle thickness damage (q wave) vs. Partial thickness (non q wave) heart attack. The important issue is the amount of heart muscle damaged and residual muscle at risk, affecting heart function (thus symptoms) and risk of arrhythmias. Treatment is basically similar.