Can celiac disease complicate pregnancy?

Celiac disease. It certainly can, as celiac disease can cause significant illness including malabsorption issues. It is necessary to obtain physicians that can treat the celiac disease as any pregnancy will probably be a high risk pregnancy if the celiac disease is not well controlled.
Celiac. There is no documentation showing problems with celiac disease in pregnancy. Keep the gluten free diet and consider meeting with a dietitian to come up with the best diet during your pregnancy.

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What are the effects of celiac disease on pregnancy?

Can be minimal. If avoid gluten then your symptoms should be minimal and you can absorb all the nutrients you need by eating a well balanced diet. If you are finding it hard to eat a gluten-free diet, try looking at some cookbooks from southeast asia, such as south india or thailand as these are regions that eat a rice based diet.
NONE. None that I know of. Must go on gluten free diet for your own good.

Can you explain the concerns about pregnancy and celiac disease?

Pregnancy loss. Untreated celiac disease, even when subclinical, has been associated with pregnancy loss, menstrual disorders, and infertility. Treatment of celiac disease appears to prevent these problems.
Inadequate nutrition. Poor nutrition leads to undersized infants & sometimes premature labor. It adversely affects maternal health. Uncontrolled celiac disease leads to poor nutrition. There is a medical fad in the us where many people believe they have celiac disease when they don't & adopt inadequate diets as a result. See you doctor for diagnosis & a nutritionist for dietary advice. Not the other way around.

Is it true that if I eat a lot of gluten during my pregnancy that its a big possibility that my baby can be born wit autism or celiac disease?

Someone's blowing. You some bad smoke. Low levels of folic acid, infections like the flu, rubella or others causing fever for a week or >, & prenatal exposure to certain prescription & illicit drugs, alcohol, & tobacco ⬆risk for neurodevelopmental disorders & are the most common non-genetic medical problems during pregnancy linked to having a child who later exhibits signs of autistic spectrum disorder.