What can carbon monoxide poisoning from cigarettes do to you over time?

Hard to say. The body is able to tolerate the low level exposures to CO over time with no specific hardship.Any study of its potential effects is hampered by overlapping bad habits of smokers & the inability to isolate cause/effect in a scientific study.It is well known that there are dozens of toxic chemicals released in the smoke, besides the nicotine. Over time the negative consequences of these toxins kill.
Potential for harm. The carbon monoxide as well as other byproducts of cigarette smoke can be harmful. People exposed to second hand tobacco smoke can develop symptoms of acute carbon monoxide poisoning if in large enough quantities, including headache, dizziness, and nausea. Chronic exposure to carbon monoxide has been associated with cardiovascular disease and neurologic problems.

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What can daily low level carbon monoxide poisoning do to you over time?

CO is no good. Cigarette smokers get a dose of co with every drag. Most cigarette related pathology is not due to co however. Higher levels as from faulty gas space heaters can cause nausea, visual disturbance, headache, cognitive dysfunction, aggravation of cardiovascular disease and, if long enough exposure even death. Read more...
Uncertain. We don't know the effects of low level co poisoning over time. It surprises many people to hear that smokers can have 10-12% of their blood saturated with carbon monoxide or even more in heavy smokers. Since it displaces oxygen from red blood cells, there are probably some long term consequences such as premature aging, but it hasn't been studied in a way that we can be certain. Read more...