What are some obvious symptoms of a bowel obstruction and what do they do for treatment?

Several. Abdominal colicky pain, abdominal distention, no stool or flatus, nausea, fever, vomitting. Initially, they need to confirm obstruction with an exam and an xray or ct scan. Then initially will be treated with complete bowel rest(nothing by mouth) and IV fluids, with or without a nasogastric tube. If it doesn't resolve in 24 hours surgery may be necessary. Good luck.
Bowel obstruction. Obvious symptoms of bowel obstruction are crampy abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and bloating associated with little or no passage of stool or gas per rectum. Obstructions can occur b/o prior abdominal surgery, hernias, abdominal cancers as well as a variety of less frequent causes.. Treatment can be conservative with ng tubes, but if the obstruction doesn't resolve, surgery may be needed.