My doc gav me ocp. While takin I had bleedin. Its 2weeks aftr course is over. Still drops of blood come, have pain and stomach ache too. Is it side effcts?

Still works. Breakthrough bleeding occurs when you have bleeding at unscheduled times while on the pill. . Often things get back to normal the next cycle. If not then schedule a visit to discuss changing brands or changing birth control methods. This is very common. Other than being annoying it is not dangerous. The pill is still effective.
Oral contraceptive. It depends on many factor sometime you forgot a pill and you will have those side effect.Sometimes you if you took a pill one day in am then the next day in pm you might get those types of bleeding. Those variations on how you take the pill can cause those side effects.It depends on the reason your doctor prescribed it also. If taken without food you might get abd pain and nausea. Please see obgyn.