What are my options for arthritis in my tmj?

Psoriatic arthritis. Several papers presented by myself & larry wolford, dds from baylor to be the most common inflammatory causes for TMJ arthitis! osteo is first!
Many options! Arthritis in the TMJ can be painful and is seen in all age groups, even teenagers, and also in older adults. It's generally the most common form of arthritis called "osteoarthritis", but it can also be caused by rheumatoid or other forms of inflammatory arthritis. It can be managed by simple things like soft diet, moist heat and anti-inflammatory medications, or with splint therapy or even surgery.
TMJ pain. There are specialists in this area who see people with TMJ pain regularly. They are usually dentists or oral surgeons. There are a number of different treatments and assessments for TMJ pain so best to see a specialist in this areas who sees lots of these patients. Good luck.
A few things. Depends on symptoms, and cause of symptoms. 3 signs of TMJ dysfunction: joint noises, joint pain & limited oral opening. Self treat with soft diet, jaw exercises, massage, heat/cold, OTC pain meds. A splint or physical therapy would be next. Occasionally muscle relaxants, biofeedback. Xrays are done for diagnosis. Surgery usually reserved for serious symptoms not responsive to other treatments.
Depends. Need to be evaluated to make sure that you truly have tmj/tmd or some other ailment, etc. That can mimic TMJ symptoms. Should see a dentist/tmj specialist first to give you more info with a thorough history and exam.
Can be difficult. 1st suggestion may seem obvious but it is to eat smaller bites of all foods to reduce chewing. Also try to add softer foods to your diet. Dentists can suggest certain exercises, and intermiitent warm moist heat alternating with ice applications can be helpful. Anti-inflammatories may be helpful in some patients. In resistant and severe pain cortisone injections and surgery would be last options.